Allocation Guidelines
The allocations guidelines of the Cancer League, Inc. require the following conditions:

     1.  Funds raised by The Cancer League, Inc. must be used in support of programs that fight against cancer in the           Bay Area. The Cancer League, Inc. does not fund endowments.

     2.  The Cancer League, Inc. shall restrict its donations to specific projects approved by its membership.
          Should an approved project already be fully funded, The Cancer League, Inc. reserves the right to reassign 
          its donation.

     3.  The Cancer League, Inc. requires that 100% of its gift be utilized to fund the designated project.  The Cancer             League, Inc. expects a minimal amount of its donation will be spent on administrative expenses or overhead               costs, including no gift administration or grant fees.

     4.  The Cancer League, Inc's. mission statement provides that all funds shall be used in the fight against cancer.             100% of all Cancer League funds will only be used for cancer; no portion of the funds received from The                     Cancer League, Inc. may be used for research or treatment of any other disease or ailment.

     5.  Should a specific project, approved by the members of The Cancer League, Inc. fail to come to fruition, The               Cancer League, Inc. reserves the right to reclaim its donation and assign the funds to another approved,                     designated project.

     6.  The Cancer League, Inc. should be listed as the the funding source for the donation, where appropriate.

     7.  Recipients of Cancer League funds are requested to send written updates on the projects being funded within
          a year of funding.  Recipients may be asked to present an update in person to Cancer League members, as 
          as part of member education.

The Cancer League's mission is to raise funds for accredited nonprofit organizations in support of the fight against cancer in such areas as early detection, education, patient care services and research for various types of cancer for men, women and children.
Please submit all grant requests to:

Vice President Allocations
The Cancer League, Inc.

Proposal Timeline and Requests:

Project proposals may be submitted at any time to the address listed below.  The Foundation or Development Office should submit proposals from large institutions, as appropriate.  The Cancer League, Inc. typically has funds available to grant requests during the first quarter and 4th quarter of the calendar year.  Funds may also be available at other times of the year, depending upon the fundraising calendar.

Proposals must include:
  a.  Mission- how does this project meet the objective s of the Cancer League, Inc's. mission?
  b.  Project Rationale -- why is this project of value?  What population is served?
  c.  Prior History -- what is the medical and funding context for this proposal?
  d.  Project Format -- a summary description should include details about the project goals, personnel needs, and 
  e.  Project Budget -- itemized budget and breakdown of specific dollar requests.  What portion of the total budget
       is being funded by the requesting institution?  Is additional grant money being sought from other sources?
  f.  Project Management -- who will administer the project?  Who is the project contact for communications
      purposes?  The Cancer League, Inc. will expect timely reports/updates for the funded project.

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